Gold Membership


Expand the number of discounts, free drinks and benefits with Gold Membership. Perfect for our more regular customers

Gold Membership Rewards & Discounts

  • Birthday Exclusive Venue Hire Discount - R500
  • 2 x Free Standard Cocktails per Month
  • 1 x Free Premium Cocktails per Month
  • 1 x Free On Tap Welcome Drink per visit
  • 5% Off Selected Bar Items10% Off Spirits Tasting Experiences
  • 5% Off Spirit Gift Boxes
  • 5% Off Nineteen33 Merchandise
  • First option on Limited edition Spirits Purchases
  • 5% Off Nineteen33 Signature Spirits Gift Sets
  • 5% Restaurant Discount
  • Gated Parking & VIP Bluetooth Entrance
  • No Cover Charge at the Door
  • First Option to Book Special Events
  • 10% Discount on Show/Special Event Tickets
  • Daytime Access with Free Wifi
  • Bottle Keep Service per Month (houses 3 bottles + glassware) - R79

Partner Discount on Von Ice Premium Mobile Bars

  • Mobile Bar Infrastructure Discount - R250
  • Mini Kegs Discount - R250
  • On Tap Equipment Rental Discount - R250
  • Kegged Beverages - Discount - R200
  • 10% Off Von Ice Merchandise



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